At Shirley Rominger Intermediate School, our mission is to support all scholars to be critical thinkers and compassionate citizens. We are committed to helping scholars succeed - academically, socially, and emotionally.

Each week, scholars have the opportunity to actively explore science, technology, engineering, art/agriculture and mathematics in our S.T.E.A.M. Labs, MakerSpaces, and School Gardens. Scholars also participate in weekly classes where they get to sing, dance, make music!

We use technology as a tool to help scholars practice skills, explore the world, and become digital citizens. Chromebooks are utilized in all classrooms.

Additionally, we teach scholars social-thinking skills and help them develop mindsets for learning, including persistence, resilience, flexibility, empathy, and optimism. Ultimately, we want to empower scholars with the confidence and competence to pursue their dreams.

All Shirley Rominger scholars benefit from the many parents and community members that support our school. There is an active PTA, School Site Council, English Learner Advisory Committee, and Migrant Parent Group. Community volunteers help "Reach Out and Read" by serving as R.O.A.R Readers and listening to children read on a weekly basis, and high school students serve as Cross Age Tutors. Additionally, community members sponsor a weekly Kids Farmers Market and a monthly Kids Credit Union.

We encourage you to visit and see the many great things that are happening at our schools!


At Shirley Rominger, we encourage our scholars to spread their W.I.N.G.S and to: Work hard; Include others; Never give up; Go make a difference; and Show kindness!

About Us


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe


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I pledge today to do my best

in reading, math and all the rest.

I promise to obey the rules,

in my class and in our school.

I'll respect myself and others too,

I'll expect the best in all I do.

I am here to learn all I can,

to try my best and be all I am.

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Call the 530.669.2345 or 888.400.0022 to report suspected child abuse or neglect.

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